[sdiy] Unable to load ROM card sounds on Roland R8 drum but can hear the demo song...

MARK GAUDIO mratx at aol.com
Wed Mar 27 20:53:39 CET 2019

 When you load the card and go into instrument assign, are the instruments from the card showing up? They should be at the very end of the list. On mine, I just stick the card in, and the instruments then show up to be assigned, pull it and they're gone. I don't do anything with the card load menu. I have never used the card load menu for ROM, just RAM. I just went and tried it again a few times with a couple of cards (Electronic and Dance, of course!) , and all I did was stick the card in to get the sounds. 

And two thumbs up from me on the R8, I love mine.  I also have an R8 II, which is nice because of the expanded memory, but to my ears doesn't quite sound as good. 

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if I chose to load the sound demo ...The demo plays all the NEW sounds. Fine.But when I do load the ROM sounds only, the R8 keys keep on still playing the original sounds.I have 4 ROM cards and they all do the same.I read many times the user manual but so far can’t find any solutions..Any body ???ThanksJP_______________________________________________
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