[sdiy] High pass filter using the 2164

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Mon Mar 25 03:22:34 CET 2019

Hi Mike,


There is a HP filter stage schematic in the SSI2164 datasheet.  The only input resistor to the 2164 is the feedback resistor from the integrator output.


Other than that, I’d have to see a schematic to have a clearer idea of what you’re trying to do.



Dave Dixon



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I working on a 4 pole Cascade high pass filter.  My present design uses Lm13700 and works fine, but I would like to switch to the V2164.  I cannot find anyone doing this. 


The issue is the input resistor on the 2164 to convert the voltage to an input current were as the 13700 is a voltage input. We're would that input resistor go?


Hopefully this is not a really stupid question. 😁


On Sun, Mar 24, 2019, 12:07 PM Ian Fritz <ijfritz at comcast.net wrote:

Hello all --

I have a new page at my site presenting the latest version of my Double 
Pulse Waveform Generator. This was originally in my hybrid synth 
cabinet. That cabinet has been scrapped after porting the capabilities 
to Reaktor a couple of years ago, but I have had a request for a new 
hardware version.




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