[sdiy] High pass filter using the 2164

Mike B bachmanm50 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 02:36:37 CET 2019

I working on a 4 pole Cascade high pass filter.  My present design uses
Lm13700 and works fine, but I would like to switch to the V2164.  I cannot
find anyone doing this.

The issue is the input resistor on the 2164 to convert the voltage to an
input current were as the 13700 is a voltage input. We're would that input
resistor go?

Hopefully this is not a really stupid question. 😁

On Sun, Mar 24, 2019, 12:07 PM Ian Fritz <ijfritz at comcast.net wrote:

> Hello all --
> I have a new page at my site presenting the latest version of my Double
> Pulse Waveform Generator. This was originally in my hybrid synth
> cabinet. That cabinet has been scrapped after porting the capabilities
> to Reaktor a couple of years ago, but I have had a request for a new
> hardware version.
> Enjoy.
> Ian
> http://ijfritz.byethost4.com/sy_cir18_DPWGII.htm
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> ijfritz.byethost4.com
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