[sdiy] Moog Voyager - No Osc Sound

Mike Beauchamp list at mikebeauchamp.com
Mon Mar 18 18:06:58 CET 2019

> Did you have any problem finding a suitable box for the analog board? … or supporting and packing it properly? On that note, how did Moog pack the individual analog board when they sent the replacement?

Hey Brian,
I put the PCB in a static bag (I keep them whenever I buy parts from 
digikey) and then bubble wrapped it a few times and custom-cut a 
cardboard box for it out of an old much larger box. Moog actually reused 
the box and bubble wrap to ship the new one back to me.

I've sent a few things off for repair by just sending the smallest part 
possible. The previous one was a PA made by Fishman that stopped working 
- Fishman are very fair with their repairs and I believe this was a 
"known problem" as well, so I just sent them a pre-amp circuit board - 
leaving the cabinet, speakers, power supply and main power amplifier.


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