[sdiy] [OT] My Scope Saga

Brian Willoughby brianw at audiobanshee.com
Mon Mar 18 00:56:14 CET 2019

It pays to know someone who refurbishes ‘scopes. I paid $100 and $200 for my analog and digital Tektronix ‘scopes, and the same guy who sold them to me repaired one for another $100 when the CRT focus went off and burned a power resistor. This guy knows the common failures and has all the parts on hand for Tektronix, Hewlett Packard, and other brands.

Depending upon where you live, an opportunity like this may not be available. It’s worth looking around though.

I think it’s kinda funny, because sometimes I repair vintage synths for local musicians, but I have to look to someone else to get my ‘scope repaired.


On Mar 16, 2019, at 9:37 AM, Tim Ressel <timr at circuitabbey.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Slightly off topic, but hey, test equipment is part of a balanced breakfast er I mean DIY. 
> My Owon scope died. I went to fire it up and it made this sizzling sound. No magic smoke, no awful smell of burning components, just an odd sound. And no workie of course. What a sinking feeling. You can get around much of your gear breaking, but a scope is special. 
> Tore it apart and saw a puffy capacitor on the power supply. Sigh, this is not the first time I've has something go bad with popped caps. I has an Nvidia video card with several popped caps. My vintage HP meter needed re-capping. 
> I could have just ordered up a replacement capacitor but I found a replacement power supply for $50. I'll still get the parts just in case my ebay power supply find is wonky. Plan B and all.
> I paid $429 for my Owon SDS7102 2-ch 100MHz scope in Nov 2012. 6+ years; not a bad run for a b-list scope. Today you can get a Siglent SDS1202X-E 2-Ch 200MHz scope for $379. It almost makes the $50 I spent on a power supply silly. If I had the cabbage I would have gone for it. The extra bandwidth would have been nice. Or I could have gotten a 4-channel 100MHz for $499. A guy can dream.
> Thanks for watching. End of line.

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