[sdiy] DIY Yardsale (JH, MOTM, Euro, CGS, Buchla, SSM/Roland/BBD parts)

Tim Ressel timr at circuitabbey.com
Wed Mar 13 15:44:38 CET 2019

yeah, but as 404 screens go, its groovy!

On 3/13/2019 2:27 AM, Adam Inglis wrote:
> getting a 404 on the images
>> On 13 Mar 2019, at 2:42 PM, Jeff Farr <moogah at gmail.com 
>> <mailto:moogah at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> Howdy all, I moved into the city a few years ago and dragged several 
>> big Tupperware boxes of DIY projects with me.� Time has gone by and 
>> the probability of me having enough space to setup a project bench to 
>> actually work on this stuff again is approaching zero, and having 
>> enough space for a 5u system is already zero (yep, I'm going euro).� 
>> So this year in spring cleaning I'm committing to seeing more of my 
>> floor and less of this stuff.
>> There's a bunch here, and most of it has some amount of detail, but 
>> man that would be a wall of text to post.� Instead, here's an image 
>> library and spreadsheet that gives the general idea along with a 
>> suggested price.� Some of this is incomplete, I'm still unpacking 
>> stuff, matching parts to projects and generally getting this 
>> organized, but I'd like to see what of all this people find interesting.
>> Several of the images don't show all the associated parts I have 
>> sitting in ziplock bags.� Questions encouraged.
>> Image library
>> https://moogah.imgur.com/all
>> Spreadsheet
>> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DrkUKb--1AO8Zrtsa_FyxGY1yxXYggs5-YatQRZGB_A/edit?usp=sharing
>> If you see something you want, it's easier to email me directly (and 
>> even easier if you put "Yardsale" in the title).
>> Prices are negotiable, the idea is that buying something is a solid 
>> deal without being a total giveaway (unless you want a bunch of 
>> stuff..).� More info is available if you ask.
>> Cheers!
>> -Jeff
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