[sdiy] DIY Yardsale (JH, MOTM, Euro, CGS, Buchla, SSM/Roland/BBD parts)

Jeff Farr moogah at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 05:42:25 CET 2019

Howdy all, I moved into the city a few years ago and dragged several big
Tupperware boxes of DIY projects with me.  Time has gone by and the
probability of me having enough space to setup a project bench to actually
work on this stuff again is approaching zero, and having enough space for a
5u system is already zero (yep, I'm going euro).  So this year in spring
cleaning I'm committing to seeing more of my floor and less of this stuff.

There's a bunch here, and most of it has some amount of detail, but man
that would be a wall of text to post.  Instead, here's an image library and
spreadsheet that gives the general idea along with a suggested price.  Some
of this is incomplete, I'm still unpacking stuff, matching parts to
projects and generally getting this organized, but I'd like to see what of
all this people find interesting.

Several of the images don't show all the associated parts I have sitting in
ziplock bags.  Questions encouraged.

Image library


If you see something you want, it's easier to email me directly (and even
easier if you put "Yardsale" in the title).

Prices are negotiable, the idea is that buying something is a solid deal
without being a total giveaway (unless you want a bunch of stuff..).  More
info is available if you ask.

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