[sdiy] Using 2164 with single supply

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You might check out the difference between the 555 and the LT1054 (not
LP1054) as far as current draw and grounding. The 555 has issues with
switching states and current draw. Usually you do not want to put the 555
ground with the signal ground because it can cause problems. I do know if
the CMOS versions of the 555 are better. Might be something to do some
research on if you don't already know the issues.

Jay S.

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Interesting.  However, I'm thinking that it might be easier in my case to
use a 555 to double the voltage and run the 2164 and associated opamps on a
single supply of about +8V.  There is some good guidance in the datasheet
about how to do that, and my simulations suggest that a 555-based doubler
circuit running on 4.5V should give about 8.25V, so that's enough.  Also,
the circuit is simple and uses things I've already got on hand.

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> David,
> I'd look at the Shruthi pole mixing filter schematic. Think 
> they use the same technique on other Shruthi filters too.
> The circuit uses a 2164 with a LP1054 to generate +/- and 
> 7805 and 7905 regulators to get the volts it needs.
> Good luck.
> Jay S.
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> Hey Team!
> I want to use 2164 to build a VCA for a circuit-bending 
> application, where the circuit only has a single supply.  Of 
> course, I want to use 2164, and the datasheet shows how to 
> use it in single supply mode.  However, it specifies a 
> minimum rail voltage of +8V.  The thing I want to 
> circuit-bend (a Marantz cassette deck) runs off of a 4.5V supply.
> So, I guess my question is, why couldn't I run the 2164 (and 
> any associated
> opamps) from a 4.5V supply?  Does anyone have any insight 
> into why +V must be at least +8V?
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