[sdiy] Using 2164 with single supply

David G Dixon dixon at mail.ubc.ca
Sun Mar 10 02:57:58 CET 2019

Interesting.  However, I'm thinking that it might be easier in my case to
use a 555 to double the voltage and run the 2164 and associated opamps on a
single supply of about +8V.  There is some good guidance in the datasheet
about how to do that, and my simulations suggest that a 555-based doubler
circuit running on 4.5V should give about 8.25V, so that's enough.  Also,
the circuit is simple and uses things I've already got on hand.

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> David,
> I'd look at the Shruthi pole mixing filter schematic. Think 
> they use the same technique on other Shruthi filters too.
> The circuit uses a 2164 with a LP1054 to generate +/- and 
> 7805 and 7905 regulators to get the volts it needs.
> Good luck.
> Jay S.
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> Hey Team!
> I want to use 2164 to build a VCA for a circuit-bending 
> application, where the circuit only has a single supply.  Of 
> course, I want to use 2164, and the datasheet shows how to 
> use it in single supply mode.  However, it specifies a 
> minimum rail voltage of +8V.  The thing I want to 
> circuit-bend (a Marantz cassette deck) runs off of a 4.5V supply.
> So, I guess my question is, why couldn't I run the 2164 (and 
> any associated
> opamps) from a 4.5V supply?  Does anyone have any insight 
> into why +V must be at least +8V?
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