[sdiy] Using 2164 with single supply

MTG grant at musictechnologiesgroup.com
Sat Mar 9 05:09:06 CET 2019

Depending on how crude you want to be (like, you're only making one and 
you want it now), you could use an RS232 transceiver. Many of those will 
give you +10v or +/-10v in a pinch. Could be noisy though but would take 
but a moment to test.


On 3/8/2019 7:47 PM, Tim Ressel wrote:
> There are probably internal structures that drop too much voltage to 
> operate at lower than 8 volts. My guess would be constant current 
> sources and sinks. But its really moot. The data sheet sez it, so youz 
> do it  ;-)
> You could rig a voltage doubler to power to run the 2164. I once did 
> that to run an LCD on 3.3 volts. Just a 7555 and some diodes and caps.
> --Tim (kluge-O-matic) Ressel
> On 3/8/2019 7:39 PM, David G Dixon wrote:
>> Hey Team!
>> I want to use 2164 to build a VCA for a circuit-bending application, 
>> where
>> the circuit only has a single supply.  Of course, I want to use 2164, and
>> the datasheet shows how to use it in single supply mode.  However, it
>> specifies a minimum rail voltage of +8V.  The thing I want to 
>> circuit-bend
>> (a Marantz cassette deck) runs off of a 4.5V supply.
>> So, I guess my question is, why couldn't I run the 2164 (and any 
>> associated
>> opamps) from a 4.5V supply?  Does anyone have any insight into why +V 
>> must
>> be at least +8V?
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