[sdiy] [FS]TEMPCOs : discount for bulk buying

pata at ieee.org pata at ieee.org
Sat Mar 9 00:40:06 CET 2019

Hi List!

Recently I received request for discount for bulk buying.
I think that I should sell it at an equal price to everyone, because I 
sell NOT as a merchant but as a DIYer.
But in case of TEMPCOs, I am the only supplier, in fact.
I think it is better for every DIYer to be able to buy from their 
local/familiar distributors.
So I decide to sell with FREE SHIPPING (include assurances) for all over 
the world when you buy more than 1500 pcs, mixed ohm-value available.
For more details, please contact me off-list.



On 2019/03/02 1:31, pata at ieee.org wrote:
> Hi List!
> Periodic announcement.
> LT type thru-hole style TEMPCOs for sale in stock.
> 3300ppm/K, class F(1%)
> 1k
> 1k87
> 2k
> in addition
> LP type
> 10k
> 40JPY each except 1k87, 50JPY.
> Please contact me off list for further information.
> Cheers,
> Taku

Muse Music Synthesizer Laboratory, Japan

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