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> Beware there are 2 different wirings for these cables. I have the correct one available in stock. 

Exactly. This picture says it all:


One of the guys on the neonixie-l group has some cords for sale BUT they're the "wrong" kind for your Oberheim. No one is manufacturing them anymore and I only have one with the "correct" wiring. I've acquired several of the "backwards" Hewlett-Packard cords over the last couple of years for my collection of test equipment with Nixie tube displays:




BTW, if anyone knows where I can get new switch caps for the 8350 I'm all ears. The plastic has lost so much of its elasticizer over the last ten years that they just break apart when removed. 

Also, the 6052 is displaying 300Hz. With the count period set to 10 seconds it's rock solid. At one second the first digit bounces between zero and one.

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