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The thing with CNC gantry systems like 3D printers is that most lower end ones use stepper motors for both the drive and positioning, so running them in reverse won't be possible to create a control voltage based on position with out a whole lot of extra circuitry. However they may often have parts like linear bearings, precision-ish shafts, and all sorts of other hardware that could be re-purposed.

Check out Author & Punisher - http://www.tristanshone.com/ - he makes awesome controllers, and has one or two that are as you're describing, Pete. He's pretty open about construction and functionality.

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>> i'd go wireless - bluetooth or ble from whatever controls are on the carriage, and a time-of-flight sensor to measure the carriage position.  there's probably a lot of hardware bits you could repurpose from folks developing diy 3d printers for the carriage mechanics.
> I'm not sure wireless would be practical for within-the-module communications in a Euro module or standalone controller meant to interface with Euro.....
> 3D printer carriages would be a good source of inspiration though.
> The linear bearings at McMaster look really interesting, I'll have to spend some time digging around in that stuff.
> Thanks
> Pete
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