[sdiy] Difficult 2164 behaviour between different sections.

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The other consideration here is that your unit will suck current like it's
going out of style, when it's actually doing nothing.  In the modular synth
world, that's a concern, because folks tend to push their power supplies to
the limit.

If you can overcome this problem by adding one resistor (at a cost of less
than a penny) to each Irwin circuit, then why wouldn't you?  I guess if it's
already done and being manufactured, then the official answer is that you
probably don't have to worry, but if there's still an opportunity to change
the design, then my choice would be crystal clear, experts be damned!

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Okay, thanks guys...
so I can use 2164's in an application where they are almost never being 
used and set to "full hot"? I guess I'm just a bit paranoid before 
committing to any design that I'm making more than a few of.. I don't 
want my 10-year-in-the-future-self to be swamped with the task of 
finding a replacement for the 2164 and repairing things for years.


> The old SSM2164 is specified to an abs.max junction temperature of 150C 
> and allowing worst case power and a DIP package would put the maximum 
> allowed case temperature at 130C.  That would leave a burn mark on the 
> end of your finger.

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