[sdiy] Errors when importing Bitmap in Eagle

Schwarz Raphael raphschwarz at gmail.com
Sat Jul 13 12:15:29 CEST 2019

Ok !

Problem solved ! I would have never thought about that.

The issue was in the file path

 the folder I was working in was named %PANELS. I sometimes use special signs to have folders stay on top of a list.

Very bad idea , it seems it messes with the script as % is used a lot in code.. 

Some clever chap on facebook spotted it on my screenshot.

> Hmm, my first thought is that if you’re starting with Illustrator then you might want to look for a way to skip the bitmap file altogether.
> Eagle and Gerbers work with vectors. Illustrator pretty much works exclusively with vectors.
> When you save to a BMP and then use the BMP importer, you’re asking for a lot of intermediate translation that’s prone to error.

I tried yesterday but somehow it messes up my graphics

However with a bit of work on my original file it could work, seems a much better approach overall

no heavy file, not half an hour to import a 2200 dpi bitmap file to get a decent resolution.

Thanks for your help everyone !

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