[sdiy] Difficult 2164 behaviour between different sections.

David G Dixon dixon at mail.ubc.ca
Wed Jul 17 18:42:47 CEST 2019

This resistor is only for Irwin linearized 2164 circuits.

If you refer to Mike Irwin's article, Figure 1, the resistor (4.7k in my
designs) is placed between pin 1 of IC1 (the linearizing opamp) and pins 3
and 6 of the two 2164 VCAs.  Hence, the resistor would go between the two
dots at pin 1 of IC1.

I can't post files on this forum, but I will send you a private email with a

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Hey David, no the design isn't even done yet. What resistor am I adding 
and is that shown on any datasheet or example?


On 7/17/19 12:30 PM, David G Dixon wrote:
> The other consideration here is that your unit will suck current like it's
> going out of style, when it's actually doing nothing.  In the modular
> world, that's a concern, because folks tend to push their power supplies
> the limit.
> If you can overcome this problem by adding one resistor (at a cost of less
> than a penny) to each Irwin circuit, then why wouldn't you?  I guess if
> already done and being manufactured, then the official answer is that you
> probably don't have to worry, but if there's still an opportunity to
> the design, then my choice would be crystal clear, experts be damned!
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> Okay, thanks guys...
> so I can use 2164's in an application where they are almost never being
> used and set to "full hot"? I guess I'm just a bit paranoid before
> committing to any design that I'm making more than a few of.. I don't
> want my 10-year-in-the-future-self to be swamped with the task of
> finding a replacement for the 2164 and repairing things for years.
> Mike
>> The old SSM2164 is specified to an abs.max junction temperature of 150C
>> and allowing worst case power and a DIP package would put the maximum
>> allowed case temperature at 130C.  That would leave a burn mark on the
>> end of your finger.
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