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Sat Jul 13 04:16:01 CEST 2019

I’ve been working so tangentially that I’m basically being distracted from my distractions.

Specifically, I decided to dust off the Dangerous Prototypes / Gadget Factory “Logic Sniffer” that I own and get it working. It’s a $50 logic analyzer that can handle up to 32 channels at up to 200 MHz sample rates. An FPGA does the main work, and a PIC processor handles USB and communications with a front end. Unfortunately. the front end was written in Java, and it’s so out of date that a modern VM doesn’t want to run it. So, I decided to write my own macOS front end, since the hardware and firmware are all open source, and the protocols are reasonably well documented.

One of the distractions was writing a PIC disassembler with automatic label creation so that I could compare various PIC binaries to see what code has changed (I seem to have been running a custom build of the firmware that fits between two public releases).

But the whole point of this is that a working logic analyzer is good to have when designing new circuits!


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