[sdiy] Where are we ? - Q3 2019 Edition

Hugh Blemings hugh at blemings.org
Wed Jul 10 08:58:53 CEST 2019

Hi All,

Firstly my apologies to folk who took the time to reply to my earlier 
message back in January - work/life intervened a bit and I forgot to 
make the resulting updates.  They should now all be in there.

Now back to the more or less standard explanation, prompted by the 
"Anyone alive" post to the list just now... :)

In mid 2016 I kicked off a little for fun side project to map where 
SDIYers are located. Since then with varying degrees of regularity I've 
sent out a reminder!


It's totally optional - the idea being it allows us to see where folk 
are based and, as individuals, to find out if there are other people nearby.

The listings are in the form of City, Country or City, State, Country 
and I've put the first name or in some cases nickname of people in the 

If you're not listed and would like to be, please send me an email - 
*ideally off list* to minimise chatter.  Please provide your preferred 
name/nickname and your location as Google Maps "understands" it.

Similarly if you are listed and would like your entry amended or removed 
please likewise let me know :)

At the time of writing the page has had nearly 8,000 views, about 154 
locations listed relating to some 175 people!

Happy SDIY Hacking,

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