[sdiy] Where are we ? - Q1 2019 Edition

Chromatest J. Pantsmaker chromatest at azburners.org
Thu Jan 10 19:03:06 CET 2019

I'm seeing three of us in the Phoenix area.  Hey Eric and John!  Want to
meet up for drinks and talk synths?

On Sun, Jan 6, 2019 at 7:23 PM Hugh Blemings <hugh at blemings.org> wrote:

> Happy New Year All,
> As I've mentioned in previous posts, in mid 2016 I kicked off a little
> for fun side project to map where SDIYers are located.
> I'd originally planned to send out quarterly reminders but life got in
> the way (agreeably in the main) so this is the first for a while now!
>    https://goo.gl/J8rFZt
> It's totally optional - the idea being it allows us to see where folk
> are based and, as individuals, to find out if there are other people
> nearby.
> The listings are in the form of City, Country or City, State, Country
> and I've put the first name or in some cases nickname of people in the
> comments.
> If you're not listed and would like to be, please send me an email -
> *ideally off list* to minimise chatter.  Please provide your preferred
> name/nickname and your location as Google Maps "understands" it.
> Similarly if you are listed and would like your entry amended or removed
> please likewise let me know :)
> At the time of writing the page has had some 6,700 views, about 150
> locations listed relating to some 170 people!
> Happy SDIY Hacking,
> Hugh
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