[sdiy] Xvive Vactrols?

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They’re quite popular with a lot of our DIY customers who generally report similar/same performance as the original Excilitas.

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Two years ago I received a few samples from XVive. They look like copies from the Perkins-Elmer Vactrols (thus the part name?), however, they claim to have them ROHS compatible.
These are the ones you could buy at THONK/UK.
I used the VTL5C3/2 as a substitute for the Perkins-Elmer and could not hear any difference. I did no measurements though.

XVive is a Chinese company which also does Guitar Pedals. They have some reissues of BBDs as well.


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Hi all, Happy New Year!
I just noticed some Vactrols on ebay branded Xvive.
What’s the story on these?  Are they new parts, new manufacturer?
How does the VTL5C4 look?  Years ago they had to be somehow matched for phaser circuits but I don’t remember what the match parameters were.  Anyone?


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