[sdiy] Something better than CD4066 to switch CVs?

Adrian Corston eidorian at aladan.net
Tue Feb 19 02:59:32 CET 2019

DG4xx have a good reputation.

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Subject:[sdiy] Something better than CD4066 to switch CVs?

 Does anyone have any experience using chips to switch multiple CV's?
 have a recommendation to use CD4066, but was wondering if maybe
 something more modern and appropriate.

 My power supply is +/-15 and I intend to switch signals from -5 to
 +11 and including ones intended to be accurate 1v/oct pitch CV's.

 I was also thinking about using one of these IC's to switch in an 
 additional timing capacitor in a VCO circuit (to send it into LFO
 but I'm wondering if I'd be compromising VCO stability in any way by 
 tying it to the switch IC.


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