[sdiy] Standard markings for modular I/O & CV versus Audio?

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Look at the old Fenix   https://www.dutchsynth.nl/FenixXL.html   or the new

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> Hello all,
> I seem to recall that some brands of modular utilize a consistent set of
> markings for Inputs, Outputs, CV (DC) & Audio (AC or DC). There’s also
> sometimes the convention that inputs are on top, and outputs are on the
> bottom, but that seems difficult to stick to for all kinds of modules.
> It seems nice to be able to glance at a front panel and know right away
> which jacks are outputs, which are inputs, which can accept CV and/or audio.
> What conventions exist? Are there conflicting conventions? Is it hopeless?
> Thanks for any input (as long as you label the inputs),
> Brian Willoughby
> p.s. I just designed a one-off module that I thought was going to include
> a set of multiples. However, I’ve now learned that I need to make these
> active, so I have to designate which jacks are inputs versus outputs. I’ve
> already ordered the face plate for this one, but I’m still thinking of how
> I might have changed the labeling to reflect active versus passive.
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