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jorn_bilse at yahoo.co.uk jorn_bilse at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Dec 20 09:55:24 CET 2019

Hi Everyone,

We need an experienced analog synth design engineer for contract work on a specific commercial project. Renumeration will be attractive and further work will be available down the line. 

The ideal candidate knows classic discrete analog synth circuit designs in and out, and should also know everything there is to know about ASICs such as SSM and Curtis chips. The candidate should also ideally have some experience with analog effects designs such as phasers, flangers, BBD delays etc.

The project is at the concept stage and a number of design parameters have been locked down as the product has an already defined feature set and styling. 

The deliverables on the part of the design engineer sought is a fully working, tested and refined final design synthesizer circuit on prototyping PCB such as perf/strip board where controls such as pots and switches can be on a provisional front panel or enclosure. The required documentation to accompany this are complete and clear schematics, a BOM and any other information about the circuit that manufacturing engineers need in order to produce the product.

We’re UK based, but don’t let that put you off if you’re not. Interested applicants should email me directly at my Synth-DIY list address jorn_bilse at yahoo.co.uk

Best regards,
Jorn Bilse
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