[sdiy] Standard markings for modular I/O & CV versus Audio?

rsdio at audiobanshee.com rsdio at audiobanshee.com
Fri Dec 20 05:34:03 CET 2019

Hello all,

I seem to recall that some brands of modular utilize a consistent set of markings for Inputs, Outputs, CV (DC) & Audio (AC or DC). There’s also sometimes the convention that inputs are on top, and outputs are on the bottom, but that seems difficult to stick to for all kinds of modules.

It seems nice to be able to glance at a front panel and know right away which jacks are outputs, which are inputs, which can accept CV and/or audio.

What conventions exist? Are there conflicting conventions? Is it hopeless?

Thanks for any input (as long as you label the inputs),

Brian Willoughby

p.s. I just designed a one-off module that I thought was going to include a set of multiples. However, I’ve now learned that I need to make these active, so I have to designate which jacks are inputs versus outputs. I’ve already ordered the face plate for this one, but I’m still thinking of how I might have changed the labeling to reflect active versus passive.

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