[sdiy] stereo optical microscope for assembly and repair

Oakley Sound oakleysound at btinternet.com
Sun Aug 18 10:27:00 CEST 2019

So I wasn't sure about spending a lot of money on a microscope for SMD. 
And since I mostly do 0805, SOIC and the occasional TSSOP I wondered 
whether I could do it with strong reading glasses. I basically said to 
the optician I want a pair so I could see things at around 3" from the 
end of my nose. The thickness of the lenses means that some of the ultra 
thin frames are not suitable but they fixed me up a pair with standard 
frames. Since I was already buying a new set of distance specs I got the 
'SMD' pair for free. UK readers will probably know of the usual 2 for 1 
deal at Specsavers.

Since then I've not found a need for any extra magnification while 
soldering. Although I do have to occasionally use a magnifying glass to 
read which way around 1N4148WS diodes go as the band is often not very 



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