[sdiy] P-p-power!!!

Mike Beauchamp list at mikebeauchamp.com
Tue Apr 16 06:43:52 CEST 2019

> https://eu.mouser.com/ProductDetail/CUI/PDQ30-Q24-D15-D?qs=ZGJ6LVh7YLAL%2FeHNTwkTGg%3D%3D
> it is super sleek!
> -ulfur

Hi Ulfur, I've been looking at these for a while but always put off by 
the ripple and noise figures in the datasheet. Can you share your 
real-world experience with using this part?

Datasheet says 100mVpp noise/ripple at maximum 30W load (1A per rail - 
wow..), but doesn't show any chart regarding what that figure does at 
less than a full load.


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