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Congrats, Don.  Really enjoyed this and the Psyche-Tone.

On 4/10/19 12:34 PM, Donald Tillman wrote:
> Folks,
> As you may recall, I built a JavaScript simulation of the Triadex Muse about a year and a half ago.  So it's a Muse that runs in a browser.  The Muse was an algorithmic music composer developed by AI pioneer Marvin Minsky and Edward Fredkin in 1969 at MIT.  I've expanded the article since then, and included some more analysis of the operation and the patent.
>      Triadex Muse in JavaScript
>      http://till.com/articles/muse/
> Marvin Minsky's daughter heard about it, got in touch, and praised it.
> Then a curator from the Barbican Centre in London got in touch.  They are assembling an exhibit on AI and the Humanities.
>      Barbican Centre -- AI: More than Human
>      May 16 to August 26
>      https://www.barbican.org.uk/whats-on/2019/event/ai-more-than-human
> And after that, it tours the Groninger Forum in the Netherlands
>      Groninger Forum -- AI: More than Human
>      December 2019 to May 2020
>      https://www.groningerforum.nl/nl/exposities
> They are borrowing the Muse from the London Science Museum, and setting up my Javascript Muse running on a tablet next to it.
> This is pretty interesting from a museum presentation standpoint as the visitor can:
>    * see an actual Muse under glass
>    * try out the simulated Muse without risking damage to the original
>    * try the presets, dramatically reducing the ramp-up time
>    * see the note patterns
>    * and "take it home" with the URL
> I've built a special version for the exhibit; standalone, single page, formatted specifically for a tablet in landscape orientation, very little text, exhibition color scheme (not mine!):
>     The Triadex Muse, An Interactive Simulation
>     http://till.com/muse/barbican
> So, London area Synth-DIY folks (uh... chaps), please check it out.
> Also, do you have an interesting Muse composition that you've developed?  Please post it here.  [4 INTERVAL switches, 4 THEME switches, REST switch]  Winners will be included in the presentation, with credit of course.
>    -- Don
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