[sdiy] More new Alfa chips - CEM3394

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 Are you planning on selling the SMD versions of the the AS3320? 


On 2019-04-09 10:20, ggg at fgi.lv wrote:

> Dear colleagues, here you go! 
> https://www.ericasynths.lv/shop/diy/diy-accessories/as3372e-signal-processor-vc-mixer-vcf-vca/ 
> https://www.ericasynths.lv/shop/diy/diy-accessories/as3394e-synthesizer-voice/ 
> Best regards, 
> Girts, Erica Synths 
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> Unless I'm missing something there isn't even enough information... that's 1% typical, 3% max for ... what? 1V 1kHz? 100mV 500Hz? And shouldn't the distortion vary by the control voltage?  
> ~Walker 
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> Oops, nevermind! I didn't see the crummy distortion specs before sending my
> message. I guess it is too good to be true. 
> there's hope that actual figures might be better and this numbers are honest conservative specs.
> not sure, if that's likely.
> m.
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> Tom said:
> **AS3364: This is a linear-control version of the AS2164
> Given the number of times the Gallo-Irwin circuit gets used to make a linear
> VCA out of the 2164, this is an excellent idea. Now you get four of them on
> one chip (instead of two linearised VCAs per 2164) without needing the extra
> op-amps. Fantastic idea. Having the option of linear or log control by
> choosing the chip you need is great.**
> I'm excited about this. I just wonder a) how well it shuts off at 0V CV,
> and b) whether it gets noticeably warm when all the VCAs are off (which the
> Irwin circuits will do if you don't add a current limiting resistor). 
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