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Dear colleagues, here you go!






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Unless I’m missing something there isn’t even enough information... that’s 1% typical, 3% max for ... what? 1V 1kHz? 100mV 500Hz? And shouldn’t the distortion vary by the control voltage? 


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Oops, nevermind! I didn't see the crummy distortion specs before sending my
message. I guess it is too good to be true.

there’s hope that actual figures might be better and this numbers are honest conservative specs.
not sure, if that’s likely.

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Tom said:

**AS3364: This is a linear-control version of the AS2164
Given the number of times the Gallo-Irwin circuit gets used to make a linear
VCA out of the 2164, this is an excellent idea. Now you get four of them on
one chip (instead of two linearised VCAs per 2164) without needing the extra
op-amps. Fantastic idea. Having the option of linear or log control by
choosing the chip you need is great.**

I'm excited about this. I just wonder a) how well it shuts off at 0V CV,
and b) whether it gets noticeably warm when all the VCAs are off (which the
Irwin circuits will do if you don't add a current limiting resistor).

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