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There’s a number of variables beyond the LDR response, although that is definitely important.

Some of the others are the envelope generator gain and attack and decay times and the LED forward voltage and drive current.

There are lots of combinations that work, but certain elements need to make sense together. You can build a perfectly good envelope filter with the VTL5C3 (I’ve done it recently, for example) but the rest of the circuit needs to match what it expects. The same goes for other vactrols or other combinations of parts.

> On 27 Sep 2018, at 15:50, bloke at blokezero.com wrote:
> Actually rolling my own with a 2M LDR made the difference between a working and non-working envelop filter pedal - I tried a few of the VTL5C3 and NSL-32 - nothing with the NSL and only a flicker with the VTL5C3 - I guess it was all in the LDR response.
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>> Am 27.09.2018 um 06:08 schrieb Edward Schultheis:
>> > I saw the subject line, and gullible me, thought it was about self driving cars and thought “... is it a good idea to have a vactrol type response in a self driving car!?”
>> If you cross the boarder on the freeway coming from Switzerland 
>> (tempolimit 120km/h) entering Germany (no tempolimit), then you get an 
>> impression of vactrol type response in human driven cars ...
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