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Actually rolling my own with a 2M LDR made the difference between a working and non-working envelop filter pedal - I tried a few of the VTL5C3 and NSL-32 - nothing with the NSL and only a flicker with the VTL5C3 - I guess it was all in the LDR response.

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Am 27.09.2018 um 06:08 schrieb Edward Schultheis:
> I saw the subject line, and gullible me, thought it was about self driving cars and thought “... is it a good idea to have a vactrol type response in a self driving car!?”
If you cross the boarder on the freeway coming from Switzerland  
(tempolimit 120km/h) entering Germany (no tempolimit), then you get an  
impression of vactrol type response in human driven cars ...


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