[sdiy] Pole Dancing

Donald Tillman don at till.com
Wed Sep 19 17:50:08 CEST 2018

> On Sep 19, 2018, at 8:12 AM, Harald <sdiy at haraldswerk.de> wrote:
> Thanks Don. Interesting article. Unfortunately, for me the graphic demo is mot working. No graphs to be seen, numbers are moving when the the sliders are moved. Using Firefox 60.2  on Linux Leap 15.0. Any suggestions?

Hmm, I don't know.  It works for me in Firefox version 59.something, and version 62.0, on a Mac.   And on Safari, Chrome, Brave, and on an old iPad.

I just wrote it, so there may be bugs.   If you can find an error in the debugger that would help me track it down.

Otherwise I'd say try it in another browser.

  -- Don
Donald Tillman, Palo Alto, California

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