[sdiy] Adding "sync" to a Through-Zero Sinewave Oscillator design

Richie Burnett rburnett at richieburnett.co.uk
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Why not simulate what you describe digitally first and see if you like the 
resulting sound, before going to the trouble of designing some analogue 
hardware to implement it in real-time?


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hello list!

i have been working on a prototype for a through zero quadrature sinecore 
oscillator over the past few weeks, and have been thinking of ways to add a 
novel type of "sync" to the circuit.

I love the way traditional triangle core oscillator sync sounds, and much 
prefer it to the harsher sawcore type sync.

with trianglecore sync (I hope I understand this correctly) the waveform 
changes sign at trigger points rather than doing a hard reset to 0v, right?

since my oscillator is through zero, my idea is to implement a switch that 
inverts the incoming v/8 CV everytime the "sync" input exceeds a certain 

this would (in my mind) effectively only change sign of the sine waveform, 
emulating the triangle core sync i mentioned before.

before I start gathering components and laying out a sync prototype board, 
i'd love to see if any of you think this is a ridiculous idea - and if there 
is any literature out there on various methods of sync, i would love to 
learn more about it beyond discharging integrator caps to ground :)

thanks so much for your insight!
all the best,

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