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Yeah I found that on all the adafruit options and the display I linked in boost converter mode. With a clean 12v from eurorack for the oled supply, it’s night and day - all the issues you mention significantly better. Less noise too
I guess the boost converters on them are just not up to the job.

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hello! first post :)

Hi! :-)

... I've found it easy to use, and noise (And flicker) free.

Another slightly related OLED question comes to my mind:

I'm seeing a lot of problems with OLEDs in terms of
- lots of flickering (100-200 Hz with extremely short ON time in these strobe bursts)
- lower intensity on a pixel row if many pixels on the row are lit
- burn-in, causing the most used pixels to fade after time

Are all OLEDs like this?
It should be possible to avoid particularly the first two design issues above.



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