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Roman modular at go2.pl
Mon Sep 3 07:43:59 CEST 2018

Are you saying you want to make strong POSITIVE feedback over 2164 and only slightly dump it to GND via 5k resistor (or 10k in SSI part)? Control input may be grounded by 500 ohm, but externally accessible is only via 2nd resistor so 5k. Nevertheless that's nothing compared to 0 ohm positive feedback, so it will saturate at either positive or negative depending on offset current direction.  I think in this case it's better to leave them open than do such a thing.   Roman  Dnia 3 września 2018 07:12 David G Dixon <dixon at mail.ubc.ca> napisał(a):  Hey 
Team!     I am 
building an oscillator, and one of the 2164s has an unused VCA.  In the 
layout as it is, the pins are simply unconnected.  It would require a major 
layout adjustment to bring ground to these pins.     However, I then realized something: The control pin is connected 
internally to ground through a 500-ohm resistor.  Hence, simply connecting 
all three pins of the unused VCA together would effectively ground every pin, 
would it not?  This can be done with a very simple 
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