[sdiy] OLED noise

Alex Evans alex at mediamolecule.com
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hello! first post :)
I'm fairly new to eurorack and electronics, however I'm working on fun multi-channel dsp based thing, and have had issues with oled noise. if you want to see a bit more about what I've been making, look at my media tweets dating back to feb for a timeline of my noob journey into sdiy :) twitter.com/mmalex/media

is the oled you're using an adafruit one, or one with a built in boost converter? I had nasty noise issues from one such module, to such an extent that I gave up and designed a whole version around an old skool 32x8 LED donmatrix display. made it feel less computery, I told myself! I'd tried everything bodged onto the board - huge caps, inductors, ferrite beads, but nothing cleaned it up.  however I've since discovered this little puppy - https://www.soselectronic.com/products/electronic-assembly/ea-oleds102-6lga-291087 - which has thruhole connections (big plus for me, I hate flat flex), can be mounted on header pins so it works great for eurorack, but most importantly, can have its OLED supply from +12V, without any nasty boost converter.
I've found it easy to use, and noise (And flicker) free.
not sure if that's the answer you wanted, but hopefully useful.

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I've been using those small.96" OLED for some time.. just noticed how much digital noise it is impressing on the module... Anyone else notice this?  What, if anything did you do about it.


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