[sdiy] BODE Frequency Shifter

David G Dixon dixon at mail.ubc.ca
Wed Oct 31 22:51:17 CET 2018

Well, yes, but in my experience, the range of capacitances for a
10%-tolerance cap are not that different than the range for a 1%-tolerance
resistor.  Of course, given that the caps are made by a fully automated
process, one would expect them to be very similar, and significantly better
than +/- 10%.

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> > (there weren't that many -- I find that caps are generally 
> closer to 
> > their stated values than the spec would lead you to believe).
> This is the wonder of statistics, and the bell curve 
> generally! Most of the action is pretty close to the centre, 
> and only a few outliers get close to the actual limits. For 
> one-off builds, this generally means the components are 
> better than the tolerances suggest.
> Obviously, if you build ten thousand units *without* 
> selecting parts, you'll be glad you designed it to work 
> within the specified parameters because there will be plenty 
> that are right up to the limits, even if the vast majority 
> are much better than that.
> T.=

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