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Tue Oct 30 23:38:37 CET 2018

Missed your reply Paula , had no idea you wanted to bash and create drama!

>>In mass production?
As in fooling a IT billionaire to pay up for the mass production of 002/008?

Nothing special about MI mass production, same commodity electronics
as anything else from a manufacturing standpoint.

>>did you have all the routing options?
Is standard Hz/V FM routing an option?

>>I'd be very interested, genuinely, to read the specs and hear it.
You dont , just pretend as we shall see.

>>not if it's designed for manufacture from the get go.
The industry calls it DFM , design for manufacture.
Regarding that , you said on GS, quote;

-->Modal had rigid development and test process involving
-->alpha and beta test prior to being passed to production and
-->two cycles testing before passed public.

as answer to 008/002 owners problems like , Sub Osc bleed VCO phase
locking , EG klick , mechanical quality issues , FX board issues ,
50% PW bug, etc. (their words not mine).

So always hidden costs pre and post soft/hardware no exception.

I read some where when customers addressed hardware issues
Modal dropped them from their product support mail list!! Ouch!

Modal etc are juridically responsible for whatever BS said
in the context of trying to increase sales of a product:


>>so, you'd rather see trees on the side of synths?
So you'd rather see cows on the side of synths?

>>In short, NOTHING, that is manufacturer is environmentally friendly,
>>heck even using the power from my battery which has come from the
>>powerstations to type this is bad for the environment.
There you are , so why then argue cow leather is more environmental friendly.

>>I still believe in what I say.
Yes "know it all's" usually do, as priests, used car salesmen etc.

>>ok, so, tell me, your polysynth that you designed, and built, did you market it?
Why dont you explain 002/008 was deliberately built like a
"tank to last" like Japanese synths was not designed to do?

Besides if i did you would only steal my glorious 4998 component poly.

>>I'm happy to listen to constructive criticism.
That's boring, instead talk about the Californian gentlemans 008 that
you managed to brick over internet from the UK while trying to fix it
then dumped him so he had to turn to others at Modal.

>>from others who've done what I've done,
Hallelujah! your hubris alive and well! So you talk only to those who
put 12 obsolete Monowave like voice cards in a 4.5mm steel casket sided
by flea infested cow leather while asking 5000 USD that needs software
and hardware fix/upgrades immediately after release?

>>but I really have little time for people who claim to
>>have "done everything" and have nothing to show for it.
Naaah! No one are obliged to proof anything to someone who screwed up
customer support , parts of the designs while labeling his old Modal customers
and new DoveAudio customers misogynic idiotic arseholes!


Btw , Niel recently said quote: In my day job, 8k units would be a
prototype run and in production somewhere in the region of 10k units per week.
And in a former job, around 1million units a month. I have done similar not on
weekly basis, every third month or so.

Dixon mentioned he used 10k+ of 2164 , JH, Adamsan and many others
built polys decades ago. What about all then boutique manufacturers?
And dont forget thousands of hobbyists all over the place who do one
shot runs!  Yet you dismiss us all, nice.

>>but if you feel you can design something "properly" that gives
>>10 octaves of stability with "zero drift" on 16 oscillators AND 8
>>multimode VCFs.
Aah! finally we'r getting somewhere!  First you didnt design the 008
it was a team effort and George Hearn did the voice card Modal
support told us recently.

So, you claim to have solvedthe  temperature drift problem people like
Dave Smith, Moog, Buchla Tom Oberheim Doug Curtis even superhero
heavy duty academic Ian Fritz known for doing the most stable VCO
so far battled for decades?

Yet Modal/You had to implemented AUTOTUNE on a ZERO drift design! :-D
Mind sharing 008 zero drift design you newer did , we could all learn from it?

>>There was a reason for the parts
Odd to say from someone who done that, been there, knows it all ,
got the T-shirt , built the house, flyed the plane, sailed the ship, etc.

>>just saying that that is what it took to get the synth we wanted.
No you didnt but now you do. Really sure it could not have been
made with4999 or 5001?

>> I could've easily built a Memorymoog clone or a JP8 clone, but
>> that is NOT what we wanted to do, so we built what we love,
Evidential you havent even glanced through the MM, JP8 designs
so you have no idea what you talking about , yet if so easy why did
008 take 5 years in the making? Your words not mine.

>>and they sold well.
Sold? not anymore? was it in Niels millions per week? If lucky 002/008
will get its deserved place at "AntiquesRoadshow". Great show btw!

>>Suggest you re-read. I never said it was a pain, just saying that that
>> is what it took to get the synth we wanted.
I suggest you re-read, you said it was "easily" to clone MM and JP8,
perhaps you should read the schematics and open up a unit before
blabber so much nonsense.

>>I've ZERO interest in recreating the past, ask anyone who knows me.
So you expect people to know what you done while deliberately dont
tell people when asked while pointing some some ghostly friends of
yours whom nobody knows to be the source for your personal tastes?

>>it with the number of components you say that is hugely under 5000.
More of your diverts , I didint say "hugely" you did and 5000. Why didnt
you say 4999 or 5001?

>>As for the synths being overdesigned, well, that's your opinion.
Re-read it said MM/JP8 in that context. Ofcourse my opinion, who else?

>>As a manufacturer you don't "over" design anything,
Modal obviously did , lot's of others have done it as well, no mystery there.
It s called learning , next time you do with less components if you "want"
to learn "cost analysis" that is..

>>as it would add unnecessary cost..
And it did, costs of 002/008 obviously comes from "somewhere".

>> you design what you believe in
What priests do , proper EE designs to the formula of "good enough"
least amount of components and PCB space and overall dev costs
to reach a particular product specification for a particular market.

>>and yes there was features that we pulled from 002 and 008 because of cost.
Why the diverge? Not anything to do with JP8. Features such as?

>>But again, please share your manufacturing and sales experience.
Again, no need to proof anything to someone who already dismissed
everything else not 002.

Instead lets talk about when you on GS tried redefine the term
aliasing NCO etc as means to increase 002 sales something
even made GFORCE old timer DSP dude Jon Hodgson call
you a; "non-reliable-source-for-accurate-technical-terminology".

Ouch! Some superb sales techniques again there Paula!

>>again, you're welcome to your opinion, I don't agree with you.
Again , you're welcome with your. JP8 is over designed as is MM.

>>I like the concept, and the fact that the front panel can be replaced to
>>work with other synth techniques is a great idea (from a manufacturing
>>stand point as you have one box, one PCB and only a panel that changes
>>across multiple products).
Again, i dont mind the design, even more interesting now when
Waldorf is into it and likely use the plattform for other audio things.

Sorta entertaining when you go hellbent not understanding
how and on which premises GZ/Muff operates on.

Bottom line is nobody questions what you done but for the
BS you say, e.g as corporate representant, they surely do!

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