[sdiy] BODE Frequency Shifter

atsushi maeda shine32 at kr.tcp-ip.or.jp
Tue Oct 30 11:45:25 CET 2018

Hi Lists;

I am currently producing BODE Frequency Filter.
I made the board, but I am troubled with adjustment.
Most of the constants are in accordance with the manual.
Some of the operational amplifiers have been changed to LF 412, NJM 
2114, NJM 2748 A, etc., and 741 is not used.
Transistors have been changed to 2SA 2015 for PNP and 2SC1815 for NPN.
The current problem occurred when adjusting DOME Filter.
It may be adjusted so as to have a phase difference of 90 degrees at 40 
Hz, 170 Hz, 725 Hz, 3080 Hz, 13090 Hz, but if I adjusted it to 90 
degrees phase difference at 13090 Hz, the phase difference will be 90 
degrees at other frequencies It will not be.
No matter how many times you try to adjust it, it will not change.
Is my understanding wrong?


Atsushi Maeda

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