[sdiy] Moog 904A VCF best type of ladder capacitors.. orange drops or any good film caps.. ??

Tony Kalomiris weplar at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 10:56:16 CET 2018


Are you saying that in a synth, which is not an audiophile use, it would
be impossible to discern sonic differences between the dielectrics?
Especially a filter.
And what test setup would a hobbyist have at his disposal, save his ears
(and those would be some ears !), to detect this? Something like an Audio
Precision audio analyzer?)

Also can you elaborate on how the VCA distorts the signal. I mean from a
circuit analysis perspective (BJT, diff amp, biasing errors etc.)
And was this deliberate or a circuit design error in your opinion.


Tony K

On 18-10-26 9:45 PM, "Michael E Caloroso" <mec.forumreader at gmail.com>

>Capacitor dielectrics aren't going to make much difference in the Moog

> Minimoog VCAs were not
>high fidelity devices and they distorted the waveform.

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