[sdiy] Outputs and Impedances

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Fri Oct 26 14:02:09 CEST 2018

On Fri, 26 Oct 2018, Mikko Helin wrote:
> pe 26. lokak. 2018 klo 7.02 Tony K <weplar at gmail.com> kirjoitti:
>       If you look on monosynth schematics manufacturers often used 1 K
>       resistors to feed subsequent stages. as load resistors.
>       Especially some sort of signal mixing was desired ( transistor

> Also sometimes 1k resistors in front of TL07/8xs are used to prevent
> phase-reversal...

Neither of these cases seems relevant to the original poster's question
about putting resistors between the output of a single op amp and three
resistive voltage dividers it's driving.  There's no mixing; the voltage
dividers themselves provide a load; and this is the output, not the input,
so phase reversal shouldn't be an issue.

Matthew Skala
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