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This is possibly the dumbest garbage I've seen posted on here over ~15
years. It took 5 months to come up with a bunch of nonsensical attacks?

On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 6:38 PM KD KD <pic24hj at gmail.com> wrote:

> Missed your reply Paula , had no idea you wanted to bash and create drama!
> >>In mass production?
> As in fooling a IT billionaire to pay up for the mass production of
> 002/008?
> Nothing special about MI mass production, same commodity electronics
> as anything else from a manufacturing standpoint.
> >>did you have all the routing options?
> Is standard Hz/V FM routing an option?
> >>I'd be very interested, genuinely, to read the specs and hear it.
> You dont , just pretend as we shall see.
> >>not if it's designed for manufacture from the get go.
> The industry calls it DFM , design for manufacture.
> Regarding that , you said on GS, quote;
> -->Modal had rigid development and test process involving
> -->alpha and beta test prior to being passed to production and
> -->two cycles testing before passed public.
> as answer to 008/002 owners problems like , Sub Osc bleed VCO phase
> locking , EG klick , mechanical quality issues , FX board issues ,
> 50% PW bug, etc. (their words not mine).
> So always hidden costs pre and post soft/hardware no exception.
> I read some where when customers addressed hardware issues
> Modal dropped them from their product support mail list!! Ouch!
> Modal etc are juridically responsible for whatever BS said
> in the context of trying to increase sales of a product:
> https://www.gearslutz.com/board/showpost.php?p=13024190&postcount=221
> >>so, you'd rather see trees on the side of synths?
> So you'd rather see cows on the side of synths?
> >>In short, NOTHING, that is manufacturer is environmentally friendly,
> >>heck even using the power from my battery which has come from the
> >>powerstations to type this is bad for the environment.
> There you are , so why then argue cow leather is more environmental
> friendly.
> >>I still believe in what I say.
> Yes "know it all's" usually do, as priests, used car salesmen etc.
> >>ok, so, tell me, your polysynth that you designed, and built, did you
> market it?
> Why dont you explain 002/008 was deliberately built like a
> "tank to last" like Japanese synths was not designed to do?
> Besides if i did you would only steal my glorious 4998 component poly.
> >>I'm happy to listen to constructive criticism.
> That's boring, instead talk about the Californian gentlemans 008 that
> you managed to brick over internet from the UK while trying to fix it
> then dumped him so he had to turn to others at Modal.
> >>from others who've done what I've done,
> Hallelujah! your hubris alive and well! So you talk only to those who
> put 12 obsolete Monowave like voice cards in a 4.5mm steel casket sided
> by flea infested cow leather while asking 5000 USD that needs software
> and hardware fix/upgrades immediately after release?
> >>but I really have little time for people who claim to
> >>have "done everything" and have nothing to show for it.
> Naaah! No one are obliged to proof anything to someone who screwed up
> customer support , parts of the designs while labeling his old Modal
> customers
> and new DoveAudio customers misogynic idiotic arseholes!
> https://synth-diy.org/pipermail/synth-diy/2018-May/168281.html
> Btw , Niel recently said quote: In my day job, 8k units would be a
> pre-production
> prototype run and in production somewhere in the region of 10k units per
> week.
> And in a former job, around 1million units a month. I have done similar
> not on
> weekly basis, every third month or so.
> Dixon mentioned he used 10k+ of 2164 , JH, Adamsan and many others
> built polys decades ago. What about all then boutique manufacturers?
> And dont forget thousands of hobbyists all over the place who do one
> shot runs!  Yet you dismiss us all, nice.
> >>but if you feel you can design something "properly" that gives
> >>10 octaves of stability with "zero drift" on 16 oscillators AND 8
> >>multimode VCFs.
> Aah! finally we'r getting somewhere!  First you didnt design the 008
> it was a team effort and George Hearn did the voice card Modal
> support told us recently.
> So, you claim to have solvedthe  temperature drift problem people like
> Dave Smith, Moog, Buchla Tom Oberheim Doug Curtis even superhero
> heavy duty academic Ian Fritz known for doing the most stable VCO
> so far battled for decades?
> Yet Modal/You had to implemented AUTOTUNE on a ZERO drift design! :-D
> Mind sharing 008 zero drift design you newer did , we could all learn from
> it?
> >>There was a reason for the parts
> Odd to say from someone who done that, been there, knows it all ,
> got the T-shirt , built the house, flyed the plane, sailed the ship, etc.
> >>just saying that that is what it took to get the synth we wanted.
> No you didnt but now you do. Really sure it could not have been
> made with4999 or 5001?
> >> I could've easily built a Memorymoog clone or a JP8 clone, but
> >> that is NOT what we wanted to do, so we built what we love,
> Evidential you havent even glanced through the MM, JP8 designs
> so you have no idea what you talking about , yet if so easy why did
> 008 take 5 years in the making? Your words not mine.
> >>and they sold well.
> Sold? not anymore? was it in Niels millions per week? If lucky 002/008
> will get its deserved place at "AntiquesRoadshow". Great show btw!
> >>Suggest you re-read. I never said it was a pain, just saying that that
> >> is what it took to get the synth we wanted.
> I suggest you re-read, you said it was "easily" to clone MM and JP8,
> perhaps you should read the schematics and open up a unit before
> blabber so much nonsense.
> >>I've ZERO interest in recreating the past, ask anyone who knows me.
> So you expect people to know what you done while deliberately dont
> tell people when asked while pointing some some ghostly friends of
> yours whom nobody knows to be the source for your personal tastes?
> >>it with the number of components you say that is hugely under 5000.
> More of your diverts , I didint say "hugely" you did and 5000. Why didnt
> you say 4999 or 5001?
> >>As for the synths being overdesigned, well, that's your opinion.
> Re-read it said MM/JP8 in that context. Ofcourse my opinion, who else?
> Santa?
> >>As a manufacturer you don't "over" design anything,
> Modal obviously did , lot's of others have done it as well, no mystery
> there.
> It s called learning , next time you do with less components if you "want"
> to learn "cost analysis" that is..
> >>as it would add unnecessary cost..
> And it did, costs of 002/008 obviously comes from "somewhere".
> >> you design what you believe in
> What priests do , proper EE designs to the formula of "good enough"
> least amount of components and PCB space and overall dev costs
> to reach a particular product specification for a particular market.
> >>and yes there was features that we pulled from 002 and 008 because of
> cost.
> Why the diverge? Not anything to do with JP8. Features such as?
> >>But again, please share your manufacturing and sales experience.
> Again, no need to proof anything to someone who already dismissed
> everything else not 002.
> Instead lets talk about when you on GS tried redefine the term
> aliasing NCO etc as means to increase 002 sales something
> even made GFORCE old timer DSP dude Jon Hodgson call
> you a; "non-reliable-source-for-accurate-technical-terminology".
> Ouch! Some superb sales techniques again there Paula!
> >>again, you're welcome to your opinion, I don't agree with you.
> Again , you're welcome with your. JP8 is over designed as is MM.
> >>I like the concept, and the fact that the front panel can be replaced to
> >>work with other synth techniques is a great idea (from a manufacturing
> >>stand point as you have one box, one PCB and only a panel that changes
> >>across multiple products).
> Again, i dont mind the design, even more interesting now when
> Waldorf is into it and likely use the plattform for other audio things.
> Sorta entertaining when you go hellbent not understanding
> how and on which premises GZ/Muff operates on.
> Bottom line is nobody questions what you done but for the
> BS you say, e.g as corporate representant, they surely do!
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