[sdiy] 74LVC characteristics

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Thu Oct 25 12:56:34 CEST 2018

They have more output drive capacity than HC, similar to AC with that 
respect. And they are faster, with very steep edges so watch out your EMC.
As with any CMOS logic, you can use that with just resistor at input and 
use internal ESD protection diodes as clamping voltages outside power 
rails. I'm not saying it's good practice, but works most of the time.

And here's the tricky part - various manufacturers make LVC series for 
maximum power supply of 3.6V or something, while others offer the same 
part for 5.5V supply. So check datasheet before purchase.

I use exactly this part (74LVC2G14GW-Q100H) in one of my products as 
clock/data receivers/shapers/buffers, working at 2.5V. Being just 2-gate 
device makes PCB layout much cleaner.


W dniu 2018-10-24 o 23:43, Tim Ressel pisze:
> Hi,
> i am looking at the 74LVC2G14. It is my go-to for buffering inputs. In 
> the past i would use a dual shottky diode and limiting resistor as 
> protection. But looking at the datasheet it seems the diodes are not 
> needed. Also the current draw on an input is super low at 5uA. This 
> means I can use a rather high value limiting resistor yes? This would 
> simplify the design a bit.

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