[sdiy] Polymoog resonator question

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That video is also my sole reason for wanting a resonator. I'd actually hope for the resonator to also be able to track keyboard moderately well to (optionally) maintain a fixed interval between notes played and resonant frequencies.

My suspicion is that Elhardt identified a very small number of sweet spots that are very well tuned to the input signal as well as to the reverb on top. I believe it's only partly thanks to the resonator, but also thanks to his craftsmanship (or many hours of exploration) that he can make it sound this good.



On 6 okt 2018, at 10:07, David G Dixon wrote:

> I just want to be able to get the kinds of sounds that Ken Elhardt got in that video.  I'm intrigued that such a simple circuit gives such spectacular results.  I'll have to check out the Fonitronik one, but I'm going to design mine first cuz I don't like to copy things.
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>> and then there is the fonitronik DIY resonator.
> yup! that's a pretty one. ... with the red/orange/yellow leds I used.
> To me it's very different from the Polymoog. ???
> Love both.
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