[sdiy] speaking of tantalums...

David G Dixon dixon at mail.ubc.ca
Mon Nov 26 00:33:45 CET 2018

This may seem like a dumb question (and maybe it is), but why did anybody
ever use tantalum capacitors?  I've built hundreds of circuits, and I've
never used a tantalum capacitor, ever (except once, when a MFOS circuit
called for it, and I was too much of a noob to question it).  Am I doing it

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> On Mon, Nov 26, 2018 at 08:39:30AM +1000, Adam Inglis wrote:
> > I'm getting a Prophet 5 rev 3.3. (no midi) ready for sale. 
> I'm wondering if I should be replacing the tantalums in it. 
> They seem to be considered a ticking time bomb. One site I 
> came across suggested replacing the decoupling tants with low 
> ESR electrolytics, I assume you just use identical farad values:
> I wouldn't say you'd even need low ESR, since it's not a 
> switched-mode power supply and the frequency of any ripple is 
> going to be low.  You're trying to shunt (relatively) low 
> frequency noise to ground, rather than deliver great whacks 
> of current.
> I wonder how many of its 0.1μF disc ceramic decoupling 
> capacitors have turned into 1k resistors?
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