[sdiy] Oakley News

Oakley Sound oakleysound at btinternet.com
Tue Nov 20 11:20:15 CET 2018

PCBs are now available for my new project.

The Oakley ASV is a complete analogue synthesiser in a 5U wide, or four 
MU width, module for the MOTM and MU formats. It consists of the 
traditional synthesiser architecture of two oscillators feeding a single 
state variable filter, via a mixer, and then to an amplifier. Two 
identical four stage envelope generators (ENV1 & ENV2), and one sine 
wave low frequency oscillator (LFO) act as modulation sources to control 
the sound in a dynamically interesting way.

Nothing particularly ground breaking but it's nice to have it in one 
compact module.

More information, pictures and sound samples at the usual place:


The documentation is still in the preliminary stages but I should have 
that finished in the next couple of days.


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