[sdiy] BODE Frequency Shifter , Again

atsushi maeda shine32 at kr.tcp-ip.or.jp
Sat Nov 17 11:28:37 CET 2018

Hi Lists:

I have been absorbed in the production of BODE Frequency Shifter for the 
past two weeks.
It was supposed to be completed without big trouble.
When I finished making it, I did not hear any sound.
When I was having trouble knowing something was wrong, I was helped my 
friends in Twitter.
In his theoretical attempt, I got calm.
And I learned that I was stupid who supplemented the resistance value 
which was not mentioned in the circuit diagram from the data sheet.
In fact, it was written on the figure of the printed circuit board.
I spent more than 10 days to notice this.
At present, since sound leakage is occurring, adjustment is necessary, 
but sound is coming out.
Thanks so much.

Atsushi Maeda

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