[sdiy] universal drum machine interface

Adam Inglis 21pointy at tpg.com.au
Sun Nov 4 03:56:06 CET 2018

I installed this thing in to my Roland CR-8000..

https://tubbutec.de/unipulse/ <https://tubbutec.de/unipulse/>

It’s a midi-to-trigger interface for analogue drum machines.
It’s not as straightforward to install as some, because it doesn’t simply replace the existing trigger circuit, it works simultanously with it, so you get to use the machines original pattern sequencer along with external midi control at the same time.
You can configure each of the 16 intrument triggers separately, with a choice of pulse shapes, duration, and polarity, via an app on your PC over midi. This allows you to tailor the pulses to exploit the quirks of various circuits, and experiment with different trigger points in each voice. 
In this case, I wasn’t happy with a couple of the voices after following the particular installation guide for my drum machine, so using the schematic I tried a few different points to find the most musical results - just moving them to the other side of a diode and changing the polarity made noticeable differences in the resulting voice.

The downside is a lot of point-to-point wiring on the voice board! 
But it is quite neat and small, and fits into my machine easily. No need for switches or breakout cables. 
The app sends a midi sysex message that allows you to instantly reassign midi channels and note numbers on a per-individual trigger channel basis - very nice!


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