[sdiy] History of SDIY?

shine32 shine32 at kr.tcp-ip.or.jp
Thu May 31 11:13:16 CEST 2018

Since the modular synthesizer uses a module that performs differential 
calculation called VCF, is it subtraction, and in that sense can not say 
that it is not an actual synthesis?
However, as opposed to preparing a ring modulator, multiple VCO, VCF, 
VCA, modular synth has advantages.
In fact, in my system it is not enough for one or two VCOs, so multiple 
modules were created.
However, it does not deny others.
Only one VCO is not my choice.
The argument that it is not a true composition is analog, so it is 
foolish that it can not be synthesized because it can not be modularized.
Owner = Producer thinks you need to consider whether you can produce the 
sound you want.
In the first place, if a modular is not a true synthesizer, all analog 
synths, whether polyphonic or monophonic, will not be synthesizers.
I can not approve such a definition.

Atsushi Maeda

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