[sdiy] History of SDIY?

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Hi friends,

I have read your articles very interesting.
As an old DIYer, I want to say...

When a parson try to open his/her instruments with screwdrivers, he/she is a DIYer.
Also, who watched source code or dump list, he/she is a DIYer.
Of cource, who trys to paint a instruments, he/she is a DIYer.
Everyone who wants to make a something, he/she is a DIYer.
No other words to speak.
Let's make something strange!

(since 1969, my soldering iron is hot.
In 1974, my first electronic musical sound generated.
In 1976, my analog music synthesizer project was first published on magazine.)


2018/05/31 13:42、Stephan Vladimir Bugaj <stephan at bugaj.com>のメール:

> As a noise musician, I can say without undue prejudice that many noise musicians are total jerks
> Forget what that guy said, and keep on making cool stuff that makes you happy
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>> Sorry I will make it a bit odd.
>> A while ago, Twitter told me from users who are making noise music using the Eurorack Modular Synthesizer in Japan.
>> "DIY synthesizers already have different goals from us."
>> I was shocked terribly and I could not do anything.
>> Because he frequently exchanged modules, I recognized it as a kind of friend, which was a big mistake.
>> I felt malice in his words.
>> Whether to make a synthesizer by yourself, whether software or hardware, is a special one that is unacceptable?
>> If it is special, I think that it is okay to show off more and more the ability to build them in a distinct manner.
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